Heat Transfer and Centrifuge Separation Technologies Seminar at İsdemir

On December 5, a seminar on Heat Transfer and Centrifuge Separation Technologies was held at İsdemir Training Directorate in cooperation with Sega Engineering and Alfa Laval. The seminar, which was listened with interest by the participants, was held in two sessions. In the first session, information was given about the design, features, working principle and application areas of plate heat exchangers, as well as the issues to be considered during design, structure, maintenance and maintenance.

In the second session of the seminar, information was given about Alfa Laval Centrifugal Separation Technology and cleaning applications with lubricating oils. In addition to these, information was given on Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge Technology, waste dewatering and recycling applications, solutions offered by Alfa Laval in sea water cooling applications, Desalination systems and fresh water production technology from sea water. The seminar was concluded by answering the questions of the participants.

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